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An automatic tabletop roleplaying game.

Fast-paced, "monster of the week" action.

If You Die in the Game, You Die in Real Life: The Game (or YDIRL, for short) is a new tabletop roleplaying game designed to be played whenever your character dies in your regularly scheduled roleplaying game.  In the style of “monster-of-the-week” shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Warehouse 13, whatever killed your character is now being summoned into this world, through means yet unknown to you, with only one goal - your death. 


With a quick (15-30 minute) setup, you’ll be set for a one-off, four hour adventure that pits you, the players, head-to-head against whatever killed your character(s).  Acts of Gods, horrible monstrosities, or unfortunate accidents - there are rules for adapting any form of death into a fun and bizarre mystery for your group to solve.

A new kind of tabletop storytelling.

Everyone in your roleplaying group, even the game master, is marked for death, as YDIRL is an Automatic Tabletop roleplaying game - using collaborative storytelling techniques and choose-your-own-adventure style prompts to provide a roleplaying experience without a game master.  And through the Automatic Tabletop ruleset, why a monster has entered the real world from your regularly-scheduled game session, and how you could possibly stop it, is something you can only discover by playing.

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One-shot, weekly game, or single-player - the choice is yours!

Although intended as a one-shot when a character in your ongoing roleplaying game dies, there are additional rules that allow the game to be played anytime as a standalone game - either for a single session, or over many sessions to create your very own monster-of-the-week serial!  Additionally, some small rule tweaks to the Automatic Tabletop system are provided to allow the game to be played single-player.

Solve the mystery behind what has summoned this other-worldly presence into your world, or grab the nearest blunt object and start swinging away - it’s up to you to see if your death in the game will lead to your death in real life!

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